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Water Only Waterjets

  • WARDJet has been developing systems for water-only cutting applications for years.
  • Water-only systems are ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials.
  • The narrow kerf of the high-pressure stream ensures the intrinsic properties of the materials are not altered in any way during the cutting process.
  • The advantages of water-only cutting over dies, knives, and lasers include: Reduced Labor Costs, Automated Loading Options, Environmentally Friendly, Common Line Cutting, Material Stacking and unlimited set-ups.

In the above video, WARDJet’s test cut engineer used a single cutting head outfitted with a 0.007” water-only orifice. A 0.007” orifice produces a stream of water thinner than a credit card, which means precise cutting and minimal wetting of material. This 2mm closed cell EVA foam was cut using WARDJet’s showroom model ZX-2543-5 waterjet which can reach speeds up to 500 inches per minute. The sheets of 2mm foam were sized roughly 12” by 18”, and IGEMS software was used to optimize 43 nested parts per sheet.

The part program was designed to use common line cutting to reduce the overall length of the cut. Sheets were also set up 16 layers thick to illustrate waterjet’s stacking ability. Overall, the program took 13 minutes and 2 seconds to cut all of the parts. Quick math will show that a part was cut every 1.14 seconds!

Give us a call at 519.570.6593 and we can design the optimum configuration for your specific cutting needs.