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Whether it's a waterjet with a few extra features or a completely custom machine requiring ground-up engineering and design, we've made a name for ourselves doing custom work. This has evolved into what we call, Tailored Waterjet Solutions™ which is our way of providing customized waterjets at stock-like prices. This is made possible largely because of our modular design practices which allow us to scale our waterjet designs, alter the functionality and adapt our accessories with relative ease.

Examples of Custom Machines

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WARDJet Fully Automated Waterjet Cutting, Washing, and Drying System
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ZXL-1224 Cutting Pipe with Rotary Axis and 5-Axis Cutting Head
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ZXL-3043-5 with Shuttle Tables


Give us a call at 519.570.6593 and we can design the optimum configuration for your specific cutting needs.