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Our Services

Waterjet Cutting
A waterjet can cut virtually any material at almost any thickness with ultra precision & accuracy.  One of the big advantages of waterjet cutting is the complete absence of heat which, with traditional cutting methods, can cause distortion, warpage, burning and discoloration to the material being cut.  

Our array of state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machines can handle virtually any job from simple jigsaw style cuts to complex 3D CAD applications.

For more information or a job quote, please give us a call or use our convenient request form and we will be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Below is a chart depicting variations of cutting quality using a waterjet. In general, the more refined or smooth the surface requirements are, the greater the cutting time which reflects in the job cost. We will be happy to explain this in greater detail as related to your specific job requirements. 

1. Poor, parts need
    to be hammered
    out, rarely used
2. Fair, striations
  from top to bottom 
3. Good striations 
  on bottom half 
of cut.  Most economical &  
commonly used   
4. Very good, 
   minimal striations
5. Excellent, minimal striations, most
 accurate & expensive



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